四不像 Sibuxiang的博客

关系:在你的总投资中占多大比重?/Relationships: How Big a Share of Your Investment Portfolio?

你还能胜任重大决策吗?/Are You Fit to Make Big Decisions?

现在计划退休是否太迟?/ Is It Too Late to Plan Your Retirement?

你缺少感恩之心吗?/Are You Lacking in Gratitude?

名称的含义? / What’s In a Name?

你有倾听困难吗? /Are You Hard of Hearing?

如果你去三藩市……”/“If you’re going to San Francisco…”

你对失败有多热衷?/How Enthusiastic Are You About Failing?

为什么我们会记不住?/Why Don’t We Remember?

你该什么时候按喇叭,怎么按?/ How and When Do You Honk ?

你的压力有多大? / How Stressed Are You?

提出建议和接受建议,您哪方面更在行? / Are You Better at Giving Advice Than Taking It?

“你被自己困住了吗?” / “Are You Trapped Inside Yourself ?”

“你的怜悯心有多深?” / “How Deep is Your Compassion?”

“你今年多大了?” / “How Old Are You?”

你上次为陌生人开门是什么时候? / When Was the Last Time You Opened the Door for a Total Stranger?

创业者应该自问的10个问题 / 10 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves

拖延症:你在磨蹭什么? / What Are You Waiting for?

你是“Askhole”吗? / Are You an Askhole?

你真的没时间吗? / Do You Have the Time?

当团队挑人时,你会被选中吗? / Will You be Chosen for the Team?

祝贺《财富》英文网站全新上线! / Celebrating Fortune

你有多傲慢? / How Arrogant Are You?

你值得信任吗? / Are You Trustworthy?

你讲话时有人在听吗? / Is Anyone Listening to You?

巴拿马——鱼儿游弋、树木参天、蝴蝶翩跹的地方 / Panama: “Abundance of Fish, Trees, and Butterflies”

你的计划是什么? / What’s Your Plan?

今天你要衡量些什么? / What Will You Measure Today?

打造创新生态环境 / Developing an Ecosystem of Innovation

中国学生依然是海外留学市场主力军 / Chinese Students Continue to Dominate Overseas Studies Market

刚来中国的外国人,请往这儿看! / Advice for New Arrivals to China

来点儿跨文化敏感性:出境旅游守则和建议 / Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

“你眼睛里有泥!” / "Here's Mud in Your Eye!"

你对品质的理解已经“冻住”了吗? / Is Your Understanding of Quality Frozen?

人一天最重要的40分钟,你用好了吗? / The Forty Most Important Minutes Each Day: Are You Using Them Well?

肥胖症和基础设施 / Obesity and Infrastructure

探秘白酒中心 / Journey to the Center of Baijiu

2013,财富全球论坛与成都 / Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu 2013

香港:有关信任价值的思考 / Hong Kong: Reflections on the Value of Trust

香港: 金融区野生动物出没 / Hong Kong: Wild Animals Near the Financial District

蛇年:跨国企业在中国走到了十字路口 / Year of the Snake: A Crossroads for International Business in China

跨国公司在中国的挑战(三) / MNCs in China Face Big Challenges (Part Three)

跨国公司在中国的挑战(二) / MNCs in China Face Big Challenges (Part Two)

跨国公司在中国的挑战(一) / MNCs in China Face Big Challenges (Part One)

《我的第一次中国之行》 / "My First Trip to China"

在北京过年 / Spring Festival in Beijing

“四不像”依依惜别 / Sibuxiang's Fond Farewell

香港有望很快成为无烟区 / Hong Kong: Soon a Smoke-free Zone?

拍案惊奇之香港两大意外 / Two Surprising Things About Hong Kong

留学申请黑幕:要不要教孩子说谎? / Are We Teaching the Kids to Lie?

香港楼市乱象丛生 / Hong Kong's Wild and Woolly Property Market

失物天堂:智能手机香港历险记 / Hong Kong: Good Place to Lose a Mobile Phone

不解之谜:香港航空信误投百慕大 / Hong Kong Airmail: "Missent to Bermuda"

绑架勒索制假,手机诈骗大观 / Mobile Scams: Kidnapping, Extortion, Forgery

“这是您的名片还是家谱?” / "Is This Your Name Card, or Family Tree?"

领导需要信得过的军师 / Leaders Need Trusted Advisors

香港何去何从? / What Next for Hong Kong?

恐惧症家族又添新成员! / Warmly Welcome a New Member of the Phobia Family!

数字世界万变不离其宗的那些事儿 / In the Digital World, Some Things Don't Change

香港环保罕见的大动作 / A Rare Feather in Hong Kong's Environmental Cap

“哪儿来的天才?” / "Talent Is Overrated"

香港兴起有机农场 / Hong Kong's Organic Farming Boom

开放对美国有利 / America Would Benefit from an Open Door Policy

你想要私人小岛还是私人飞机? / Would You Prefer a Private Island, or a Private Jet?

我的第一次中国之行(三) / My First Trip to China (Part 3)

我的第一次中国之行(二) / My First Trip to China (Part 2)

我的第一次中国之行(一) / My First Trip to China (Part 1)

欢蹦乱跳的旗鱼和冒烟的火山(二) / Leaping Sailfish and Smoking Volcanoes (Part 2)

欢蹦乱跳的旗鱼和冒烟的火山(一) / Leaping Sailfish and Smoking Volcanoes (Part 1)

全球中国连接大会(续) / The Global China Connection Conference (...continued)

再谈美国印象 / More Impressions of America

美国今昔最大的变化是什么? / What's The Biggest Difference Between America Then and Now?

纽约的出租车 / New York Taxis

重归纽约城 / Back to the Big Apple

兔来兔走又一年 / Rabbits Come, and Rabbits Go

澳大利亚杂交迷你兔 / Special Australian Hybrid Pygmy Rabbits

祝狡猾的兔子长命百岁! / Long Live Those Wily Rabbits!

公告 / Notice

香港:一个很特别的地方,可它到底在哪儿? / Hong Kong: A Very Special Place, But Where Is It?

一方水土养一方人 / We Are What We Think

有一天你可能会变成外国人 / You Might Become a Foreigner One Day

职业规划 / Career Planning

倾听的技巧 / Listening Skills

你是在裤袋里藏了瓶古堡拉斐,还是见到我有点儿“性趣”大发? / Is That a Chateau Lafitte in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

为明天的对话投资 / Investing in Tomorrow's Dialogue

中国赴美留学生总数超过印度 跃居首位 / Chinese Students Edge Out India for First Place in the U.S.

中国的英语教育 / English as a Second Language in China

赌百家乐还是存银行? / Baccarat or Bank Deposits?

再说房地产那些事儿 / More Tales from the Property Front

误陷重围 / Ambushed Behind Enemy Lines

马可•波罗现身杭州CBD / Marco Polo Is Alive and Well, in Hangzhou's CBD

在南海渡船上的2个月 / Two Months on a Ferry Boat in the South China Sea

创造力和创新 / Creativity and Innovation

送礼学问多 / The Complexities of Gift Giving

我的讲稿被狗尿湿了 / The Dog Peed on My Speech

跨国公司总部:是敌是友? / Multinational Company Headquarters Offices: Friend or Foe?

教育“产业”? / The Business of Education?

香港该提升形象了 / Hong Kong Needs to Up Its Game

寻师问道的重要性 / The Importance of Seeking Mentors

回到非洲(四) / Back to Africa (Part Four)

回到非洲(三) / Back to Africa (Part Three)

回到非洲(二) / Back to Africa (Part Two)

回到非洲(一) / Back To Africa (Part One)

重游滇西北(三) / Northwest Yunnan Revisited (Part Three)

重游滇西北(二) / Northwest Yunnan Revisited (Part Two)

重游滇西北(一) / Northwest Yunnan Revisited (Part One)

再访圆石城 / Boulder Revisited

去机场的另一番体验 / Another Trip to the Airport

讨厌的自大 / That Pesky Hubris

领导力 / Leadership

再访重庆(下) / Chongqing Revisited (Part Three)

再访重庆(中) / Chongqing Revisited (Part Two)

再访重庆(上) / Chongqing Revisited (Part One)

“我们长得像日本人吗?”(下) / "Do We Look Japanese?" (Part Two)

“我们长得像日本人吗?”(上) / "Do We Look Japanese?" (Part One)

《工作》 / "Working"

迈克尔•乔丹的管理课 / Michael Jordan on Management

第一人民医院 / Number One People's Hospital

牛奶舞,以及结了霜的老鼠 / Dancing With Milk, and Frosted Mice

“我找不到房间了!”/ "I can't find my room!"

“你就待在屋里!” / "Just Stay in Your Room!"

香港的安静角落 / Hong Kong’s Quiet Corners

在东京巧遇堂兄弟比利 / Meeting Cousin Billy in Tokyo

叉子与筷子 / Forks Versus Chopsticks

“中国鱼比外国鱼聪明”/ "Chinese Fish Are Smarter Than Foreign Fish"

文化冲击 / Culture Shock

台式款待 / Hospitality, Taiwan Style

公开演讲的危险 / The Perils of Public Speaking

灭火器推销员 / The Fire Extinguisher Salesman

风水真的管用 / Feng Shui is Alive and Well

“马桶堵了” / "The Loo's Gone Potty"

文字有危险,使用须谨慎! / Words Can Be Dangerous

川式好客之道 / Hospitality, Sichuan-style

搭车去香港 / Hitch-hiking to Hong Kong

番茄汁最“另类”的用途 / The Real Importance of Tomato Juice

与黄鼠狼为邻 / My Neighbor is a Skunk

两份讲稿:值得偷吗? / Two Speeches: Good Enough to Steal?

公告 / Notice

十一小时的车程(下) / The Eleven-Hour Drive--Part Two

十一小时的车程(上) / The Eleven-Hour Drive--Part One

“叮咚,四人帮倒台了!” / “Ding Dong, The Gang is Gone!”

牛仔是印第安人吗? / Were Cowboys Indians?

笔记本里有什么? / What's in a Notebook?

糟糕译员是反面英雄 / Bad Interpreters are Anti-Heroes

客厅里摆棺材?/ Interior Design: Coffin in the Living Room?

茅台数学 / Mao Tai Mathematics

约翰•史密斯是个北京人? / John Smith is a Beijinger

针灸表演 / My First Acupuncture Demonstration

清代瓷器 / Qing Dynasty Porcelain

1976年从香港到广州:一整天的跋涉 / Hong Kong to Canton in 1976: a Full Day's Trek

欢迎来到美洲!/ Welcome To America!

1980年美国国家展(三):历史性的火鸡宴和单、复数的“古董”/ The US National Exhibition 1980 – Part Three

1980年美国国家展(二):北京饭店里撒欢的兔子 / The US National Exhibition 1980 - Part Two

1980年美国国家展(一):残忍美国人的营销创意 / The US National Exhibition 1980 – Part One

澳门的猫头鹰和赌场 / Owls and Casinos in Macau

商旅稀客 / Infrequent Business Travelers

新书促销行 / China Business Book Promotion Tour

好译员是英雄 / Good Interpreters Are Heroes

商务旅行:畅游长江 / Business Travel: Cruising on the Yangzi River

东方宾馆迎来开放时代 / Dong Fang Hotel Embraces the Open Door

“总督好味道” / Advertising in China and Hong Kong:“The Governor is Delicious!”

容易混淆的两个词 / English as a Second Language: Two Words Easily Confused

大陆打来的第一个电话 / My First Telephone Call from China

名字里的奥妙 / What's in a Name?

“我没在说外语” / I’m Not Speaking a Foreign Language Now

开放前的广交会/Before The Open Door:The Canton Trade Fair

开放之前的商务旅行 / Business Travel Before The Open Door

商务旅行:让我最难忘的声音 / Business Travel: My Most Memorable Sound