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CES 2019,三星推出219英寸巨型屏幕

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Samsung’s press conference before the official start of each year’s CES is one of the most anticipated of the show. The electronics manufacturer is a leader in the television market and has used the annual consumer electronics event as a showcase for its advances in everything from home appliances to smart home innovations.

This year, the focus is on screens. Samsung has doubled down on a new technology called MicroLED, which it first teased last year—and it’s looking to increase its competitive edge in other screen-based areas as well.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest items Samsung showcased at its 2019 CES media event on January 7.

75” MicroLED 4K TV




75英寸4K MicroLED电视


Samsung is showcasing its MicroLED displays in this 75-inch set, which is made up of millions of microscopic LED chips that emit brilliant colors and deep, rich blacks—all in 4K/Ultra High Definition.

The Wall 2.0


The Wall 2.0

Last year, Samsung turned heads with The Wall, its 146-inch TV. This year, The Wall is back, but it’s 219-inches now. The picture quality is just as stunning. And the TV is just as flexible, adjustable to pretty much any shape users want it to be. Just add or move a module to the set and it will automatically adapt.

Q900 8K TV

8K is one of the up and coming themes of this year’s CES. There’s no content of note available in that resolution yet, but Samsung’s getting ahead of the curve with this new flagship product, offering resolution of up to 7680×4320, 16 times as sharp as traditional high definition. This set will upscale existing content to 8K quality. Don’t expect it to be cheap, though.

CRG9 49” Gaming Monitor

去年,三星146英寸的The Wall电视成为了众人瞩目的焦点。今年,The Wall卷土重来,不过尺寸已经扩大到了219英寸。它的图像质量与之前一样令人惊艳。而电视本身也同样灵活,用户可以随意将它调整成各种形状,增加或移开电视上的一个模块,它就会自动调整适应。




Billed as “the world’s first hi-res super ultra-wide gaming monitor,” this behemoth offers a 32:9 aspect ratio and a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s a wide screen experience for the hardest of hardcore PC gamers, utilizing AMD Radeon’s FreeSyncTM 2 technology to reduce stutter and input latency, making for a smooth play experience. You won’t need a second monitor with this thing.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

这款庞然大物号称是“全球首款高分辨率超宽游戏显示屏”,长宽比为32:9,刷新频率为120Hz。它使用了AMD Radeon的FreeSyncTM 2技术以减少卡顿和输入延迟,提供了顺畅的游戏体验,让最顶尖的硬核玩家尽享宽屏盛宴。拥有了它,你就不必再买第二台显示器了。

三星Family Hub冰箱

Samsung’s fridge is hoping to supplant Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Assistant, becoming not only a place you store your leftovers, but a digital assistant as well. The Family Hub offers a customized space for each user in the family to input their activities, interests and moments. The home screen will then be personalized to each of them. The fridge will also incorporate Samsung’s Bixby voice command system.

Samsung WF6300R Front Load Washer

三星希望凭借冰箱取代亚马逊(Amazon)的Echo或谷歌(Google)的 Assistant,在帮你存放剩菜之余充当你的数码助手。Family Hub为家里的每位用户提供了自定义空间,供他们输入各自的活动、兴趣和时刻。主屏幕将为每个人进行定制。冰箱还植入了三星的Bixby声音控制系统。


Bringing smart home technology to the washing machine, this Wi-Fi connected washer is shorter than its predecessors, meaning it’s easier to get clothes in and out. The accompanying app recommends which cycle you should use, depending on the items, their color and their level of filthiness. You can also use the app to select wash cycles and finish time based on your schedule.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro


三星Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung’s latest premium 2-in-1 PC is ultra-slim, features a redesigned keyboard, and cuts the bezel size on the display, meaning users see more without increasing the size of the device. It comes with an Active Pen for note taking and sketching, Gigabit WiFi, a fast charging battery, and several Thunderbolt 3 ports.

三星最新的高端二合一笔记本非常轻薄。它重新设计了键盘,压缩了屏幕边框,这意味着在设备尺寸不增加的情况下,用户拥有更大的可视范围。笔记本配有可供书写或绘图的Active Pen、千兆WiFi、快速充电电池和几个Thunderbolt 3接口。(财富中文网)




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